• CM Wins Evens Journalism Prize

    CM Wins Evens Journalism Prize

    We are incredibly honored to be the recipient of the Evens Journalism Prize 2019, a biennial prize that aims to reward a journalist or organization whose work contributes highly to making Europe more comprehensive and accessible to a broad audience. Read more on our blog.

    03 May 2019
  • Women Cartoonists Award

    Women Cartoonists Award

    United Sketches has launched a new international cartoon award, exclusively for women cartoonists. The deadline for sending in work is 31 August 2019. For more details, visit the website of United Sketches.

    17 Apr 2019
  • Animating Historical Political Cartoons

    Animating Historical Political Cartoons

    We are developing a workshop for young visual artists creating GIF animations using Dutch political cartoons from the late 19th and early 20th century, giving them new relevance. Check our blog for more information.

    12 Apr 2019
  • New Cartoonists

    New Cartoonists

    We are delighted to welcome three new cartoonists to Cartoon Movement: Tom Curry from the US, L'Andalou from Algeria and Saman Torabi from Iran. We introduce them on our blog.

    08 Apr 2019
  •  Cartoonists Condemn Extremism

    Cartoonists Condemn Extremism

    In the wake of the New Zealand attack, cartoonists worldwide condemn extremism. Watch our video slideshow here.

    18 Mar 2019
  • New Cartoonists

    New Cartoonists

    Our network is expanding once more, as we welcome three new cartoonists: Renato Peters from Brazil and Saeed Sadhegi and Mahnaz Yazdani from Iran. Read more on our blog.

    05 Mar 2019
  • New Cartoonist: Asier Sanz

    New Cartoonist: Asier Sanz

    We are proud to welcome cartoonist/collage artist Asier Sanz from Spain to Cartoon Movement. His work appears in various newspapers and magazines and several of his images have gone viral.

    19 Feb 2019
  • Cartoon Movement at THIMUN

    Cartoon Movement at THIMUN

    Between January and February 1, 2019, we had the pleasure of being part of THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations). 3,500 secondary school students from all over the world gathered in the World Forum in The Hague to think and talk about the world’s problems. Read more on our blog.

    11 Feb 2019
  • Cartoon Competition

    Cartoon Competition

    Political cartoonist and CM member Emanuele Del Rosso is organizing a cartoon competition, together with the Oltreconomia Festival of Trento (Italy).The competition theme is also the theme of the sixth edition of the Oltreconomia Festival: Lands of Disobedience. Read more on our blog.

    24 Jan 2019
  • New Cartoonists

    New Cartoonists

    Two new cartoonists have joined us recently, both from Iran. We introduce them (and their work) on our blog.

    21 Jan 2019
  • Trump’s Wall

    Trump’s Wall

    We’ve collected some of our favorite cartoons about Trump and his dream to build a wall in a video slideshow. Check it out on our blog. Like what you see? Get your own cartoon slideshow on any topic with the purchase of 4 cartoons (or more) in the Cartoon Movement Shop.

    14 Jan 2019
  • New Cartoonists

    New Cartoonists

    What better way to start the year than by introducing new cartoonists? Four talented cartoonists have recently joined our community, three from Iran and one from Turkey. We introduce them on our blog.

    03 Jan 2019
  • Best Cartoons of 2018

    Best Cartoons of 2018

    In 2018, we received a total of 8,517 in our newsroom. 209 cartoons were published on our homepage. It has become somewhat of a tradition to make a list of our 10 favorite cartoons of the year. See them on our blog.

    21 Dec 2018
  • Human Rights Day

    Human Rights Day

    This year, we celebrated Human Rights Day with cartoon exhibitions in The Hague and São Paulo. Visit our blog to read more about our activities involving human rights and cartoons.

    13 Dec 2018
  • Ideas That Matter

    Ideas That Matter

    On December 10, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the Peace Palace in The Hague. The cartoons from our project with the UN Human Rights Office will be on display and Mexican cartoonist Guffo will talk about cartoons and human rights. We're also launching a contest with the question: What action do you take to support human rights? Share your idea here.

    10 Dec 2018