• Children's Rights Cartoons

    Children's Rights Cartoons

    For the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs we have been running a project on children’s rights. Our cartoonists took inspiration form children’s drawings to create cartoons. Check out this video to see some the results. Want to see more? Visit our project newsroom.

    20 Nov 2019
  • New Cartoonist: Seyran Caferli

    New Cartoonist: Seyran Caferli

    Seyran Caferli is the first cartoonist from Azerbaijan to join Cartoon Movement. He is director of Humortoons, a website for international cartoon news.

    11 Nov 2019
  • Cartoonists for Democracy

    Cartoonists for Democracy

    37 cartoonists from around the world will gather at the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg at the invitation of Cartooning for Peace. Among them are many CM members, including Pedro X. Molina, Camdelafu, Marilena Nardi and Ali Ghamir. Read the full programme here.

    24 Oct 2019
  • Blocked


    If you can read this post, you are part of the group that still enjoys free access to the Internet (or using a VPN). An old saying about cartoonists states that a good cartoon always needs to piss off someone. We tend to agree, and it seems we are doing a good job pissing off those in power. How do we know this? Cartoon Movement is currently blocked in China, Iran, Russia and Turkey. (Source: Comparitech)

    21 Oct 2019
  • New Cartoonist: Carmelo Kalashnikov

    New Cartoonist: Carmelo Kalashnikov

    Carmelo Kalashnikov is an Italian cartoonist. His work has been published in Midnight Magazine and he is part of the Sputnink collective. Check out more of his work on his Facebook page.

    16 Oct 2019
  • New Cartoonist: Riccardo Marinucci

    New Cartoonist: Riccardo Marinucci

    Riccardo Marinucci is an Italian cartoonist from Abruzzo. His work is published by Italian online media and has appeared on TV. He is is also one of the founders of Sputnink, a collective of young Italian cartoonists. Follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

    14 Oct 2019
  • New Cartoonist: GASGO

    New Cartoonist: GASGO

    GASGO is a cartoonist who doubles as a sports writer for an online news agency in the Philippines.

    08 Oct 2019
  • Migration from Ethiopia

    Migration from Ethiopia

    Together with the University of Sussex and the Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium, we have created a 4-page comic about irregular migration from Ethiopia to South Africa. The comic will be published on Cartoon Movement on October 9. Read more on our blog.

    03 Oct 2019
  • Courage in Cartooning Award

    Courage in Cartooning Award

    In recognition of his bold defiance and courageous decision to remove the literal mask of anonymity under which he has worked for a decade, Cartoonists Rights Network International bestows its award for 2019 to the Chinese dissident, campaigner and visual artist Badiucao. Read more on the website of CRNI.

    02 Oct 2019
  • Lands of Disobedience Catalogue

    Lands of Disobedience Catalogue

    Lands of Disobedience, the cartoon competition organized by Italian cartoonist and CM member Emanuele Del Rosso, has published a digital catalogue featuring 33 cartoons that were selected from over 300 submissions. You can download the catalogue via this link.

    23 Sep 2019
  • Mary Zins, 1964-2019

    Mary Zins, 1964-2019

    Artist and cartoonist Mary Zins has passed away. She made powerful and beautiful images that found an international audience. Visit her gallery on Cartoon Movement to see her work.

    16 Sep 2019
  • Musa Kart Released

    Musa Kart Released

    We are delighted that Turkish cartoonist Musa Kart has been released from prison. Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals ordered on Thursday the release of six former employees of the opposition Cumhuriyet newspaper who were jailed on terrorism-related charges.

    13 Sep 2019
  • New Cartoonist: David Kerr

    New Cartoonist: David Kerr

    David Kerr is an illustrator, comic artist and satirical cartoonist from Glasgow, Scotland, now living in Helsinki. His editorial cartoons have been published in The New Internationalist Magazine (UK), Monthly Review (US), Stir to Action Magazine (UK),Variant Magazine (UK), The Morning Star Newspaper (UK) and the Scottish Politics website Bella Caledonia.

    10 Sep 2019
  • New Cartoonist: Timo Essner

    New Cartoonist: Timo Essner

    Timo Essner is a cartoonist from Germany. His work is mainly published in German newspapers, on websites and in school books. Check out his website to see more of his work.

    06 Sep 2019
  • Comics from South Sudan and DRC

    Comics from South Sudan and DRC

    This month we’ll be publishing two comics we have produced for The Politics of Return, a research project of the London School of Economics exploring the dynamics of return and reintegration of refugees in Central and Eastern Africa. Read more on our blog.

    02 Sep 2019