• 10 Cartoons for Europe

    10 Cartoons for Europe

    March 25 marked the 60th anniversary of the European Union. With Brexit looming and general dissatisfaction with Brussels at an all-time high among Europeans, 2017 is perhaps the most challenging year for the EU to date Europe has always inspired cartoonists, and we have collections about the euro crisis (Greece has its own collection), the question of European unity, the refugee crisis and most recently, Brexit. On the blog, we have selected 10 of our favorite cartoons inspired by Europe.

    28 Mar 2017
  • New Cartoonist: S.M.J. Taheri

    New Cartoonist: S.M.J. Taheri

    S.M.J. Taheri is a cartoonist from Iran. He has been working as a cartoonist for eight years and his work is published in various magazines and on websites in Iran.

    24 Mar 2017
  • 10 Cartoons for World Water Day

    10 Cartoons for World Water Day

    Without water, there is no life. Some see access to clean drinking water as a fundamental human right, a right disputed by companies that sell bottled water and see water as a scarce resource and therefore profitable. An undisputed fact is that fresh water is getting scarcer, and many future conflicts will be fought over access to water. For World Water Day, we've collected 10 of our favorite water cartoons. See them on our blog.

    22 Mar 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Hayfaa Chalabi

    New Cartoonist: Hayfaa Chalabi

    Hayfaa Chalabi is a visual communicator and cartoonist originally from Iraq, now based based in Sweden. She is a beginning cartoonist, but her work shows much promise, and we’re very happy to welcome her to our community.

    13 Mar 2017
  • Tickling Giants

    Tickling Giants

    Movies that Matter is a festival of films about human rights taking place between March 24 and April 1 in The Hague, the Netherlands. One of the movies programmed at the festival is Tickling Giants, a documentary about a very popular satirical show in Egypt. We’ll be present at a Q&A on March 28 with Egyptian cartoonist Andeel, writer and cartoonist for this show.

    10 Mar 2017
  • Top 10 Women’s Day cartoons

    Top 10 Women’s Day cartoons

    March 8 is International Women’s Day. Over the years, our cartoonists have drawn many, many cartoons about women. To mark this special day, we’ve selected 10 of our all-time favorite cartoons on the subject. See them on our blog.

    08 Mar 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Milenko Kosanovic

    New Cartoonist: Milenko Kosanovic

    Milenko Kosanovic is a cartoonist from Serbia. His whimsical work reflects on politics, society and the human condition in general. To see more of his work, visit his Facebook page.

    02 Mar 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Zhenya Oliinyk

    New Cartoonist: Zhenya Oliinyk

    Zhenya Oliinyk is a 23-year-old cartoonist, illustrator, and journalist from Ukraine. Zhenya has worked as editorial cartoonist at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty since 2011.

    01 Mar 2017
  • Update: Cartoonists in Danger

    Update: Cartoonists in Danger

    CRNI reports Iranian cartoonist Eaten Fish has ended his hunger strike as international cartoonists continue to raise awareness for his plight by posting cartoons with the hashtag #AddAFish. In Turkey, cartoonist Musa Kart has now been imprisoned for almost four months. United Sketches has started a cartoon campaign in support of Mehdi Rajabian, an Iranian musician locked up in the infamous Evin Prison.

    22 Feb 2017
  • Comic Preview: Rape and Land Conflicts in Uganda

    Comic Preview: Rape and Land Conflicts in Uganda

    We are wrapping up our partnership with the Justice and Security Research Programme with two comics about issues of justice and security in northern Uganda. See a preview on our blog.

    17 Feb 2017
  • Festival of Europe

    Festival of Europe

    The Festival of Europe brings together 20,000 people each year in Ile de Loisirs de Bois-le-Roi, just south of Paris, France. The festival aims to raise awareness about Europe and European issues though debates, art, comedy, lectures, exhibitions and performances. Cartoon Movement will be present at the 6th edition in May 2017. Read more on our blog.

    15 Feb 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Nasreen Mitu

    New Cartoonist: Nasreen Mitu

    Nasreen Mitu is a cartoonist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has been making cartoons since 2006, and currently she is an associate editor of 'Unmad', the oldest satire magazine of Bangladesh and cartoonist for a news website in Bangladesh. Check out more of her work on her Facebook page.

    14 Feb 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Vitaly Podvitski

    New Cartoonist: Vitaly Podvitski

    Vitaly Podvitsky is a cartoonist rom St. Petersburg, Russia, working for RIA Novosti and Sputnik International. His cartoons give a Russian perspective on world news.

    12 Feb 2017
  • Satire in the Trump Era

    Satire in the Trump Era

    In a guest contribution on our blog, Italian cartoonist Emanuele Del Rosso poses some difficult questions about satire in the era of Trump, populism and fake news. Can intelligent satire still be effective, or are we better off resorting to bricks and baseball bats?

    09 Feb 2017
  • Eaten Fish on Hunger Strike

    Eaten Fish on Hunger Strike

    Eaten Fish is the pen name of a 24-year old Iranian cartoonist currently interned in the notorious Manus Island immigration detention camp. In September 2016, we launched a newsroom to produce cartoons in support of a campaign to urge the Australian government to release Eaten Fish. Unfortunately, he has yet to be released. Eaten Fish is now on hunger strike. Visit our blog for more details.

    07 Feb 2017