• Top 10 Refugee Cartoons

    Top 10 Refugee Cartoons

    Our collection Migration & Refuge currently contains 62 cartoons, which is the number of cartoons we have published on this subject since our inception in 2010. But our cartoonists have sent in many, many more cartoons on this subject over the years. For World Refugee Day, we’ve picked 10 great cartoons that haven’t been published on our homepage, but deserve to be seen nonetheless.

    20 Jun 2017
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Dino

    Behind-the-Scenes: Dino

    Behind-the-Scenes is a series that shows how cartoonists work. In this edition the work of cartoonist/illustrator Konstantinos Tsanakas, better known as Dino. Dino uses an iPad Pro and Procreate to create his cartoons.

    19 Jun 2017
  • New Cartoonist: ATH

    New Cartoonist: ATH

    Aung Thein Htike, signing his work as ATH, is a cartoonist from Myanmar. He’s been drawing editorial cartoons since 2010 and his work appears in newspapers, magazines and online.

    14 Jun 2017
  • World Press Cartoon 2017

    World Press Cartoon 2017

    World Press Cartoon is the most prestigious international cartoon competition in the profession. We are very proud that this year’s winners include a number of our cartoonists. Read more on our blog.

    12 Jun 2017
  • B-the-S: Ramses Morales Izquierdo

    B-the-S: Ramses Morales Izquierdo

    On our blog, a new edition of Behind-the-Scenes, where we take a quick look the creative process of Cuban cartoonist Ramses Morales Izquierdo.

    09 Jun 2017
  • New Cartoonist: O-SEKOER

    New Cartoonist: O-SEKOER

    Luc Descheemaeker (pen name O-SEKOER) is a cartoonist from in Torhout, Belgium. His work ranges from cartoons to satirical work based on photographs; he is winner of more than 250 international cartoon awards. Visit his website to see more of his work.

    07 Jun 2017
  • Freedom Cartoon Exhibition

    Freedom Cartoon Exhibition

    Since 2011, we have produced cartoons for the National 4 and 5 May Committee in the Netherlands every year. These cartoons are about freedom and are related to May 5th, Liberation Day. Starting last year, the cartoons are featured at the 14 Freedom Festivals that take place throughout the Netherlands on May 5th. Take a look at photos from the festivals on our blog.

    06 Jun 2017
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Tjeerd Royaards

    Behind-the-Scenes: Tjeerd Royaards

    Behind-the-Scenes is a series on our blog that shows how cartoonists work. In this edition the work of cartoonist and Cartoon Movement editor Tjeerd Royaards.

    02 Jun 2017
  • Festival of Europe - Photos

    Festival of Europe - Photos

    A number of our cartoonists were in France this weekend at the Festival of Europe. The tropical heat, with temperatures soaring to 35°C, did not deter them from drawing some excellent cartoons on the challenges facing Europe today. Check out some photos of the festival on our blog.

    30 May 2017
  • May 27 & 28: Festival of Europe

    May 27 & 28: Festival of Europe

    Next week (May 27 & 28), 10 of our cartoonists will be present at the Festival of Europe in France. The festival brings together 20,000 people each year in May just south of Paris, and aims to raise awareness about Europe and European issues with debates, art, comedy, lectures, exhibitions and performances.

    17 May 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Luis Buenaventura

    New Cartoonist: Luis Buenaventura

    Luis Buenaventura is a cartoonist, author, and tech entrepreneur from the Philippines. His cartoons often comments on technology's impact on culture; his artwork is inspired by Herge, Bill Watterson, and Geoff Darrow. Check out more of his work on his website.

    15 May 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Shaditoon

    New Cartoonist: Shaditoon

    Shadi Alashoush is a Syrian cartoonist now living in Qatar. He has been publishing cartoons since 1997. Check out his Facebook page to see more of his work.

    12 May 2017
  • Report: Situation of Cartoonists Worldwide

    Report: Situation of Cartoonists Worldwide

    Cartooning for Peace has released a report on the situation of cartoonists worldwide 2016/2017. Whether their cartoons concern politics, the economy, sports or religion, cartoonists are confronted with the same threats as newspaper, radio and television journalists who cover sensitive subjects. Read more on our blog.

    10 May 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Charlie Comics

    New Cartoonist: Charlie Comics

    Carlo Casaburi is an Italian cartoonist from Ferrara publishing as Charlie Comics. Check out more of his work on his Facebook page.

    09 May 2017
  • 10 Cartoons for Press Freedom Day

    10 Cartoons for Press Freedom Day

    Countless journalists, many cartoonists among them, face a daily struggle against regimes that try to silence them. Today is World Press Freedom Day, and to mark this day we have selected 10 cartoons that remind us of the power of the media, the responsibility of the media, and the importance of press freedom for freedom in general.

    03 May 2017