• New Cartoonist: Darko Drljevic

    New Cartoonist: Darko Drljevic

    Darko Drljevic is our first cartoonist from Montenegro. His cartoons appear regularly in national and international magazines. He has received over 100 awards for his work in international competitions.

    18 Oct 2017
  • How to Build Sustainable Peace?

    How to Build Sustainable Peace?

    We’ve launched a new edition of our Peace & Justice cartoon competition. Without stability and justice we cannot hope for sustainable peace. Send in your ideas and our cartoonists will turn the best ideas into editorial cartoons. For more information visit the project page.

    16 Oct 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Brady Izquierdo

    New Cartoonist: Brady Izquierdo

    Brady Izquirdo is a cartoonist, ilustrater, and painter from Cuba. His work is published in Cuban magazine La Calle del Medio.

    09 Oct 2017
  • Una Vignetta Per l’Europa

    Una Vignetta Per l’Europa

    Congratulations to CM contributor Gianlorenzo Ingrami (CeciGian), who won first prize this year in the Italian cartoon competition ‘Una vignetta per l’Europa’, which rewards the best cartoon about Europe that has appeared in Italian media.

    04 Oct 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Manantan

    New Cartoonist: Manantan

    John Gilbert Manantan is an editorial cartoonist from the Philippines, currently working for the Sun Star Cebu and SuperBalita Cebu.

    02 Oct 2017
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Pedro X. Molina

    Behind-the-Scenes: Pedro X. Molina

    On our blog, you can see the creative process of Pedro X. Molina with a video showing how this Trump cartoon is made using an iPad.

    27 Sep 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Riham Elhour

    New Cartoonist: Riham Elhour

    Riham Elhour is a cartoonist from Morocco. Working as a cartoonist since 2000; In 2016, BBC included her in a list of 100 inspirational and influential women.

    25 Sep 2017
  • More Than One Truth in Myanmar?

    More Than One Truth in Myanmar?

    Cartoonists responds to what they see in the news. When different news sources tell different stories, these stories are reflected in cartoons. In this case, international cartoonists clash with cartoonists from Myanmar over the Rohingya crisis. Read about it on our blog.

    19 Sep 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Tanmoy

    New Cartoonist: Tanmoy

    Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy (or Tanmoy) is editorial cartoonist for Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh. He’s been working as an editorial cartoonist for 8 years. Most recently, his work has focused on the Rohingya tragedy in Myanmar: ‘Being in such close proximity to the horrors of the Rohingya issue I'm personally quite moved and am feeling the responsibility to do something.’. He’s created a series of cartoons, which you can see here.

    18 Sep 2017
  • Censorship at the European Parliament

    Censorship at the European Parliament

    Greek cartoonist and CM member Tasos Anastasiou reports censorship of 12 Greek cartoons that were to participate in an exhibition on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. Read more about it here, and see some of the cartoons that were rejected.

    15 Sep 2017
  • New Human Rights Cartoon Award

    New Human Rights Cartoon Award

    The Caen Memorial and United Sketches have launched a new award for cartoonists, The International Human Rights Cartoon Award. The award is open to press cartoonists from all over the globe ‘committed to the defence of human rights’ and has only one topic : the defence of human rights.

    13 Sep 2017
  • Osama Hajjaj Wins Africa Cartoon Contest

    Osama Hajjaj Wins Africa Cartoon Contest

    Jordan cartoonist and CM member Osama Hajjaj has won 1st prize in the 1st International Cartoon Contest, Morocco 2017 with the cartoon pictured above. The theme of the contest was Hello Africa.

    11 Sep 2017
  • New Cartoonist: Josua Cabrera

    New Cartoonist: Josua Cabrera

    Josua Cabrera is another cartoonist hailing from Cebu city in the Philippines, just like Bern Fabro, introduced on the blog last week. The two cartoonists also work for the same newspaper, the Sun Star Cebu.

    06 Sep 2017
  • Exhibition: Cartoons by Kianoush

    Exhibition: Cartoons by Kianoush

    An exhibition of original drawings by Iranian cartoonist and CM member Kianoush Ramezani will be on display in Normandy, France, between september 15 and November 2. The drawings were created as part of an art residency at the Caen Memorial and reflect on the theme ‘resistance’ in this era and in our daily lives.

    04 Sep 2017
  • Doaa Eladl on Women's Rights

    Doaa Eladl on Women's Rights

    Renowned Egyptian cartoonist and CM member Doaa Eladl has recently published the first cartoon book dealing with women's rights and controversial issues in Egypt, and the middle East. Doaa is one of the most well-known cartoonists in Egypt and was one of BBC’s 100 women in 2016, recognized for breaking gender taboos.

    01 Sep 2017