Vertical Farming

An educational comic about the challenge to feed a growing world population. As demand for food will soon outstrip the supply, we need to rethink how we grow and produce food. Vertical farming is one possible solution to grow food safely and efficiently. This comic was made together with high school students, who were involved in creating the storyboard, and targets students aged 13 to 16.

22 Jan 2018


Thank you very much!

26 Oct 2019

Hi caosmos, yes this particular comic is free to use for educational purposes.

24 Oct 2019

Good work! Can i use it for my classroom?

24 Oct 2019

Cool! Very interesting!

15 Mar 2019

Excellent didactic material, dear Tjeerd! Having an alternative in a better form of food production is vital in these uncertain times in this topic. Many congratulations and I wish that this work has a great success.

23 Jan 2018

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