Meanwhile in Greece

We proudly present our first crowdfunded comic. Made possible with the help of crowdfunding platform Yournalism, Greek comic artist Spiros Derveniotis reports from the streets of Athens in the wake of the most recent elections. These elections resulted in another win for Alexis Tsipras, even though he no longer opposes austerity. Spiros explains why.

04 Dec 2015


Great work!

16 Sep 2017

Very good comic, makes us realize how the Geek situation is complicated!

28 Jan 2016


13 Dec 2015

πολύ καλό Σπύρο! υπάρχει πουθενά στα ελληνικά;

08 Dec 2015

Very Good

06 Dec 2015

I learned something. Thank you Spiros...

06 Dec 2015

Τhank you, Enrico

05 Dec 2015

Very good Spiros, congrats.

05 Dec 2015

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