50 Year On, Still Hungry

This comic, by Kenyan cartoonist Victor Ndula explores the issue of food security in rural parts of Kenya. Sponsored by the African Media Initiative (AMI), Victor traveled to Mwingi, a drought-ridden region east of Nairobi to find out how the Kenyan government, with the help of NGOs, is tackling this problem. The comic is interactive, incorporating, photos, audio and video. If you have trouble viewing the interactive version, we also have the comic available in our non-interactive module.

10 Oct 2013


Brilliant piece my brother! Keep it UP...
12 Oct 2013

12 Nov 2013

Bravo, Victor - the pictures make me want to visit Kenya!

15 Oct 2013

Wonderful work..keep on keeping on!

11 Oct 2013

Excellent Victor, a very interesting work.

11 Oct 2013

thanks tjeerd, thanks for the platform as well

10 Oct 2013

I think you did an awesome job, Victor!

10 Oct 2013

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