Chicago is My Kind of Town

Last month, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Chicago during the NATO summit. In Chicago Is My Kind Of Town, Luke Radl takes us through the street protests from an on-the-ground perspective. The comic employs numerous multimedia elements embedded within its pages, allowing readers to explore it at their own pace.

02 Jul 2012


Very good comic! I hope to see more from you. BTW, if you search this site for your name (by artist) and then click on the Comic tab. It shows your Chicago Is My Town comic, but when you click on it the link is invalid (not found). Maybe that can be fixed?

03 Aug 2012

Great stuff, well done. Interesting that the news report gave 30 seconds on a policecar running over someone, but around 3 minutes on supposed violence from the other side. Yep, good old balanced reporting.

04 Jul 2012

I think this is a great way to tell a story, swell work...n
but one big question, why to you choose not to cover any statements by the women from Afghans for Peace or remark on the fact that the march was lead JOINTLY by IVAW and AFP. This was a huge moment to move forward with reconciliation and radical leadership. So sorry this was basically overlooked by the media....not surprised by the mainstream media but kind of shocked by the lack of notice by independent media.....whats up with that???

02 Jul 2012

excellent work!

02 Jul 2012

Very impressive and powerful. A very interesting multimedia project. My compliments Luke.

02 Jul 2012


02 Jul 2012

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