The Nisoor Square Shootings (Interactive Comic)

Interactive timeline comic about the Blackwater shootings in Nisoor Square, Baghdad in 2007, where 17 Iraqi civilians were killed. The comic takes our slogan 'there is more than one truth' to the next level, by showing several different perspectives on the incident pieced together from news reports and eyewitness testimony.

Dan Archer creates non-fictional, journalistic comics to offer a new perspective on US foreign and domestic policy and give voice to stories that wouldn’t otherwise be heard. Visit his website at and follow him on Twitter @archcomix.

20 Jun 2011


Fantastic Dan - really good idea and works really well!

16 Sep 2011

This is a great medium to communicate with public . I would love to use this system for my new online theater play.

20 Aug 2011

@David_R Although I think I know what you mean on your second point, those few assumed spots were short and quick to fit back into sequence, also, just like the conflicting stories, as well as the actual event, I'm guessing you're supposed to be somewhat confused.

Very well done, love the idea of an interactive comic, a great way to tell a tragic event!

08 Jul 2011

Nicely done.

However, a couple of thing that could be improved.
1. The text is very, very hard to read. The words run together because the spacing between the letters and words is too tight.
2. Several times I would read a point of view that would start off assuming that I had already read another item at same point in time. In these cases, it would be nice to know which thing should be read first.

20 Jun 2011

That was really well done. It so clearly shows the flow of events and presents the evidence in a very transparent manner.

20 Jun 2011

Excellent! A very interesting experiment of mixed-media piece of journalism!

20 Jun 2011

Great job!!!!
Triple supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

20 Jun 2011

Great idea, well done, original ... awesome!

20 Jun 2011

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