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Diversity Inaction

We are currently living through the largest die-off of plant and animal species since the Dinosaurs 65 millions years ago. Many estimates put the loss over 30,000 species per year due to human activity. Dr. Reinhold Leinfelder, professor at Humboldt University in Berlin, explains this rapid loss of biodiversity and what it may mean for the health of the planet.

30 Mar 2011


WOW, richtig gut! Realy Nice :-)

18 Oct 2012

Intense! I really like it!

05 Apr 2011

I love this! Another great example of the power of comics journalism!

02 Apr 2011

Amazing! Great drawing and a very interesting story.

30 Mar 2011


30 Mar 2011

Very interesting. Well done!

30 Mar 2011

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