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Quebec's Not-So-Quiet Revolution

The student movement that exploded in Quebec this summer was yet another example of the popular protests we've seen taking place across the globe over the last few years. Political cartoonist Ted Rall recently visited Montreal, where he met with organizers of the movement, which continues to expand beyond its intial concern over tuition hikes.

17 Sep 2012


"we want it free" students say.. Who will pay for it when those who have already worked and paid rise up and say, "Not on my back!". A good cartoon-article, thanks to Ted Rall. Yes it was ignored by the USA media. For sure U.S. people who have any ambition at all are tired of President Obama and his socialist, productivity-destroying agendas and continual failures and globally embarrassing losing style. The Voting comes. The industrious people of the U.S. HOPE for a peaceful CHANGE in our "leadership", a term that has an inverted meaning from 2009 to 2012. I must go now, the secret police are coming.

29 Sep 2012

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