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Army of God (Part 2)

Last month Cartoon Movement began publishing Army Of God by David Axe and Tim Hamilton, a book-length work of comics journalism about Kony's LRA and people working to stop him. Today we publish another chapter, reconstructing a first-hand account of the LRA raid on the town of Duru in 2008, where Kony's soldiers abducted more children.

14 Mar 2012




14 Mar 2012

is an excellent comic, looking forward to see more. about invisible children, the phenomena of soldier children is not an endemic epidemy of Uganda but affect many other african countries, how it comes that they focus exclusively on this territory?many people say that would be related to the exploitation of oil sources in Albert lake or US political interests in intervention? Other sources of information seem to affirm that LRA is not operative as an organisation since 2006?About the invisible children finances it seems that a 70% of the incoming has been in the last years destinated to infrastructure issues not related with the main that real?I'm nterested about the subject and I'm trying to form a documented and objective opinion about, but many points are not clear. I hope things will get transparent. I think is really important and serious to focus on this crime against humanity and any initiative is positive, but in the meantime it is mportant to preserve ourselves from a dinamic of instumentalisation of social campaign and volunteering, which would represents another serious violation of human rights very damaging for the spirit of cooperation in this cases, among others.

14 Mar 2012

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