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American Fall (Part 2)

The second part of the comics report by Stephanie McMillan about two movements that converged on Washington DC, Stop the Machine and Occupy DC.

05 Dec 2011



Thank you for this and your other nice comments, eemotion!

11 Dec 2011

Great work Stephanie, look forward to part III, both on here and out there! :)

11 Dec 2011

Hello Miguel,
Yes, thank you, I'm aware of that. I meant to convey that in Page 5, but now I see I haven't been clear enough in the way I've portrayed it. I tried to situate it globally but I should have said explicitly that the US protests have been sparked and inspired by the global movement. I appreciate the critique and will make that clearer in the future.
All best,

06 Dec 2011

Excellent job Stephanie, but did you know that the occupy wall street movement was an echoe of the previous african and european revolutions?the western initial movement was born in mars-april 2011 in Madrid, Spain, with the "indignados", using the camping in front of institutions as a protest for the abusive social policies, inmediately after that the movement spread to other european countries like France and Italy. Only months later the tents revolution crossed the Atlantic to finally arrive in the US.keep the good work!

06 Dec 2011

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