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Inside the Favelas (Part 1)

'Inside the Favelas' takes a critical look at life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro in the wake of massive police actions to sweep out drug cartels.

In preparation for hosting the World Soccer Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Rio launched heavy-handed police raids in 2010 to begin clearing out the slums--or favelas--where the most impoverished citizens live. But how successful is this clean-up, and how does it affect the average resident? This is the first in a two-part comic. The second installment will be published in two weeks and will find Paim and MauMau delving even deeper into the favelas.

09 Oct 2011



This is really amazing!

18 Dec 2011

A very interesting piece of drawing journalism: really good!

19 Oct 2011

very interesting, a lot of informations from different point of view, rich. I wait for next part

19 Oct 2011

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