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What Every Woman Should Know

In the United States a massive legislative campaign against abortion rights is taking its toll on a woman's right to choose. 'What Every Woman Should Know' is a report by Susie Cagle on the war that's being waged against women's health in the United States.

14 Sep 2011


Susie this is intense stuff!

13 Dec 2011

Great stuff, hope it gets the attention it deserves. I think non-preganant activists should flood into these places for appointments and drain them of their time and money. Kinda like a sit-in (walk-in?)

21 Sep 2011

PLus these "clinics" are in contact with CHristian adoption agencies who charge couples upward of $30,000 to adopt these babies. It's all such a racket.

19 Sep 2011

Susie, this is fabulous! Thank you!

15 Sep 2011

Good job, Susie! Kudos for reporting on a largely-overlooked topic!

14 Sep 2011

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