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Gaza hospital bombing: targeting our Humanity!


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@William: just for info: last night, airstikes have been launched at civilians buildings around Al-Quds hospital in Gaza city.

Dear William,
If you notice, I didn't clearly show who has bombed the hospital in the background, because it is still a controversed thing until now. The only way to know exactly who is guilty of this war crime is to send independent experts.
In my cartoon, i drew israeli aircrafts and missiles. Because this is a fact nobody can deny!
At the end, no matter who bombed the hospital. The massacre in Gaza has to be stopped immediately.

You drew Israeli planes, but it was Hamas that bombed the hospital in Gaza. Hamas also bombed a UNRWA school in Gaza the next day and the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, Israel last week.

Thank you Enrico...
I find it "not powerful enough" though...
And I had a hard time drawing it.. But needed to.

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