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Animal Cruelty Versus Traditions

Animal Cruelty Versus Traditions

Is it right to defend traditions in the face of animal cruelty?

11 Jan 2011


Very true. It's not right to point out someone else's mistake is you do the same thing.

21 Feb 2011

Great Cartoon & very true!

27 Jan 2011

Giaco, here in Colombia, the Supreme Court just aproved the continuing of the bullfight activity. It said that it is a cultural tradition. Sad, very sad. I like very much your cartoon.

07 Jan 2011

very nice

04 Jan 2011

If you want to, you can e-mail your updated version to me, and I'll replace the current image.

04 Jan 2011

Hi Tjeerd , this letter is not an M, but it is a W, upside down (maybe the font I used is unclear). A symbol that, here in Italy, it means "I'm against " I mistakenly believed that it was a universal symbol.
I will replace it with the suggestion of Matt, I think is the best idea! Thanks

04 Jan 2011

I would suggest the red circle with the slash through it instead of the M, but otherwise I like it.

03 Jan 2011

To me it looks like the 'M' from McDonalds

03 Jan 2011

Hey Giacomo, I figure the 'M' stands for 'Ban' on the signs? Is this a universal symbol I don't know about?

03 Jan 2011

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