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I love Bio!

Pitch I love Bio!

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26 Dec 2010


I think "bio" is what I would call “organic”. I understand that you are saying that although some pesticides have proved to be damaging other than to pests (especially when they are mis-used or over-used), stopping using them altogether is just as foolish. We need to learn how to use them safely and appropriately.

I like the barcode on the shopping bag; does it actually read anything in particular?

Tjeerd: My computer isn’t working very well and I accidentally posted the message before I had finished. Can you fix this please?

15 Mar 2011

"Bio" is a brand for food products. those food are famous because the producers announce that they don't use any artificial or pesticides in their products. "Bio" concept has been mentioned in this cartoon to show the time that the Earth can be completely purified and clean with its nature, the time that maybe is too much longer than our age

28 Dec 2010

I'd also be very curious to hear the concept behind this cartoon.

27 Dec 2010

This needs some explanation.

26 Dec 2010

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