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Women's Rights

Women's Rights

Women do have some rights in fundamentalist Muslim countries, says this cartoon. For more cartoons on women's rights, see our entire collection.

30 Apr 2013


It is not only in Islam.....Christianity does it too and other religions.I am Muslim but my mother and sisters donot wear Hijab and i donot like my woman to wear it too.

16 Aug 2014

I'm a muslim woman and I'm wearing burqa, despite the rejection of my family, and I love Hijab :):):)

Tell you something.. it makes me feel free :):):)

28 Mar 2011

Wanishda, this cartoon is about the men, that FORCE women into a burka, and find whatever reasons and excuses for that. The statement about the middle ages, is the conclusion of another viewer, not mine!

23 Feb 2011

Well, some women wear the burqa voluntarily.It's part of their culture, but I do agree with your point to some extend.

I think that not all people have to develop in the same way as the western world. This does not mean that they are still in the middle ages.

23 Feb 2011

Proof that Islam is still in the "middle ages"

15 Dec 2010

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