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Freedom of expression's power

Pitch Freedom of expression's power

Freedom of expression's power

18 Dec 2010


For me, a cartoon is most powerful when a simple illustration makes me think deeply. Your cartoon certainly does this, though I’m not sure whether I’m thinking what you intended me to. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Let me share my thoughts. I see a man wearing glasses and riding in a basket supported by a speech balloon. He has spent all his money on the glasses and the basket, and he can’t now afford to buy clothes. It is not freedom of speech alone that will lift the man aloft, but rather what he says. Sadly the speech balloon is empty; he has nothing to say and the basket is crash landing.

I’m sure others see a different story. Perhaps they would like to share their thoughts.

15 Mar 2011


19 Jan 2011

greaaaaaaaaaaat one

09 Jan 2011

thanks my friends

20 Dec 2010

LIke it a lot1

20 Dec 2010

Nice image.

20 Dec 2010

very nice, my vote, what do you think if you make the earth in the background?

19 Dec 2010

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