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Why Industrial Capitalism is Useful

Why Industrial Capitalism is Useful

Many people argue that we can't escape from industrial capitalism, even if it's destroying the Earth, because it provides high-tech medicines crucial to our immediate survival. But we wouldn't need these medicines in the first place, if not for the destruction wrought by the global economic system. This cartoon is available as a t-shirt design in our webshop.

20 Dec 2010


ha ha!

11 Dec 2011

just love it !

15 Aug 2011

The mutated animal seems unrealistic, but in fact it isn't. Really strong!

15 Feb 2011

mutated fingers!

03 Jan 2011


16 Dec 2010

Petrocollapse will ensure the sudden unavailability of petrochemical pharmaceuticals along with almost all petroleum available to the market. Maybe this could bring about a salutary halt to greenhouse gas emissions.
- jAn the Depaver, independent oil industry analyst
p.s. - See my nephew Erik's cartoon on Toyota Stuck Accelerators which got around quite a bit:

15 Dec 2010

Precisely put Stephanie!

15 Dec 2010

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