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The Frog and the Scorpion

The Frog and the Scorpion

Cartoon based on an old fable; the frog is persuaded to take the scorpion across the river, but the scorpion is unable to defy its nature.

02 Dec 2010


"I'm sorry, but I don't see any way of viewing this cartoon except as racist."

Well, how about this: Islam isn't a race. It's a religion.

Does that help?

19 Dec 2015

Wonderful truth! Congratulations

28 Nov 2014

Zionist Apartheid Strategy to Europe

09 Apr 2013

I'm not sure that this cartoon is discriminating a people; it is equally valid to see it as a commentary on the religion Islam, isn't it? If it we're a cross instead of the moon and star that was the stinger of the scorpion, would we take that to be discriminating all Christian people, or just the Church?

03 Jan 2011

'racist' or not, this cartoon is certainly prejudiced by how it portrays a certain people in essentialist ways - 'the scorpion is unable to defy its nature' is the message.

Let's play a little role-reversal and turn back the clocks about 80 years and look at Central Europe and you could have an almost identical cartoon depicting Jews in the same way.


By the way Jon Q, Europe has always been a melting pot, read your history books again. The last successful political movement that said Europe is not multicultural were the Nazis, today their fan club is making the same arguments but this time about Muslims.

01 Jan 2011

No one can deny that this view is the view of racism, it remains to be known that we are with this view of racism or not?? especially when coming from an Israel cartoonist, his people suffered from racial discrimination against Jews in Europe in the last century, and now the State of Israel practiced racist policy Against others, whether Christians or Muslims.

28 Dec 2010

I think this is a strong, well-done cartoon that conveys another important side of the debate.

28 Dec 2010

There's more than one truth, Craig. Try harder.

28 Dec 2010

One may agree or disagree with the message but the way it's expressed is very clever.

18 Dec 2010

Technically both Europe and Islam aren't races, so I wouldn't say the cartoon is racist. But I do agree that this cartoon is stereotyping Islam in a discriminatory way.

18 Dec 2010

I think that it is very telling and truthful. The Islamic "invasion" of Europe is not a melting pot immigration of working peoples to help grow cultures and economies, but rather a drain on budgets and fragmenting of cultures. Political correctness allows this to continue, ignoring what has happened everywhere else that Islam has spread to.....just like the frog believing the promise of the scorpion not to sting it.

15 Dec 2010

I'm sorry, but I don't see any way of viewing this cartoon except as racist.

15 Dec 2010

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