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Extremism Versus Moderation

Extremism Versus Moderation

Extremism always receives more attention than the moderate opinion, even though moderation is often the norm. Visit our collection to see more cartoons about extremism.

26 Apr 2013


Love it

15 Apr 2015

Good one!

26 Apr 2013

but we understand what they mean


15 Apr 2012

Not only 'our' governments but also the media do that. But I guess it's only human to always focus on the out of the ordinary. The only problem is that if this happens for too long people get tunnel vision, narrowing down their views on topics to a point where it does not do justice to reality anymore. Then again, it is always better to have people shouting whatever they think or believe then to have some regime covering up their mouths completely. Because there is nothing more dangerous than oppressing fundamental beliefs.

12 Feb 2011

that is why western people believe that we are terrorists.
their governments shed lights and attention on the Extremism...

20 Jan 2011

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