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The Koran and Al-Qaeda

The Koran and Al-Qaeda

Al-Qeada is using the Koran as a justification for terrorism.

02 Dec 2010


Violence in the human being is a disease that must be fought against it all the way. Congratulations

12 Dec 2014

unfortunately, it is true.........

17 Nov 2011

Koran is the only religious script that calls for killing of infadels...

07 Sep 2011

100% TRUE !

18 Jan 2011

Yes I speak English somewhat, but I was trying to tell Mohammad Saba'aneh something in private :)

17 Dec 2010

Nedal Hashem, do you speak english?

16 Dec 2010

اخشى يا صديقي ان يفهم الرسم بشكل مختلف عما قصدته، حيث قد يرى البعض ان القران أداة من أدواة الإرهابيين؟

16 Dec 2010

I've actually been hearing some of the same from Christian groups quoting old testement texts justifying violence against Muslims based on David, etc. saying it's o.k. because they hate us and use the Koran as their justification.

What is sad about this is that Jesus Christ would never condone violence against others, but if you say that you are considered "liberal", and weak.

15 Dec 2010

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