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They Don't Hate Us

They Don't Hate Us

One possible reaction from the Muslim community to anti-Islam sentiments.

05 Nov 2010


I dunno it sort of made me laugh. I think that guy in the cartoon hates my books, especially the ones with big words in them, and probably almost all the other books ever written. It's good to laugh at haters and be done with it. After all, apologizing to them doesn't work.

03 Nov 2012

Intolerance comes in all forms from all corners......I've seen Muslim clerics in interviews saying the same thing about Christians & America.....I've seen Louis Farrakhan say the same things about White Christians & White Americans.....

Satan belongs to every movement that he can weasel into using pride & fear to destroy love and peace.....Satan is part of every religious & political movement worldwide just waiting for his opportunity.

15 Dec 2010

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