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A new spectre is haunting Europe, but is it the spectre of Islam, or the spectre of Islamophobia?

11 Jun 2013


Hi my friend ,
Islam as a religion is not a source of fear or even a ghost .. the problem is with the racism ... and the bad reputation of those fanatic muslims terrorizing others .i do not consider them as a real muslims, i think this is the source of islamophobia.
Real islam is innocent from what they do ...real islam is a religion of mercy , peace and good manners with all people ...
My opinion: respect good muslims who is dealing kindly with peace and not harming others and give them all their human rights and freedom also do not consider them as ghosts.

My regards

11 Jun 2013

Sadly this is true... But it's a great cartoon, funny too. Great work!

21 Feb 2011

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