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Third world and child labor

Pitch Third world and child labor

Child labor in third world is a shame

10 Jan 2013

Subroom: 360 Degrees


Thanx Manos and SofĂ­a!!!

14 Jan 2013

nice cartoon!

12 Jan 2013


11 Jan 2013

Grazie, Enrico, for comments, Thanx very much!!!

11 Jan 2013

El Zardooooooo, un abrazo, hermano, gracias por tu comentario!!!

11 Jan 2013

eeeeeeeeeeeennnnpiiingaaaaaaaoo bunea obraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cojone melevante y lo primeroq que hice fue ver tu obra oooooo

11 Jan 2013

Good one.

10 Jan 2013

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