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Religious extremism

Pitch Religious extremism

‏@Mooodyro التعصب الديني أيضا من أهم اسباب الصدام بين الدين والحرية لأنه يحجب عن صاحبه رؤية الدين بالشكل الصحيح و يجعله يرى الحياة في غير صورتها #360D Religious extremism is also among the most important causes of the clash between religion and freedom because it prevents its owner to see religion in the true sense and lets him see life in a different image.

21 Dec 2012

Subroom: 360 Degrees


I agree with you vote

26 Mar 2013

yeah exactly :)))) but will keep (us Egyptians) struggling and will lit as many candles (media) as we can .. will make it so difficult for them (extremists) to hide the truth!

21 Dec 2012

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