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Almost Married

Almost Married

Cartoon about the rejection of same-sex marriage by religion. For more cartoons on this subject, visit our collection Gay Rights.

02 Aug 2012


Yes Luis, it´s kind of ironic...

04 Dec 2014

Now that marriage is further declining in the Western World lesbians and homosexuals claim to have the right to marry. Don't you think that this whole thing doesn't have any sense? Its really funny

28 Nov 2014

Hi Menekse, thanks for your comments

08 Dec 2012

very good!!!!

07 Dec 2012

you are wrong, you can change my mind when you make sense, i changed my religion, and i've been hardcore atheist for several years. but you don't make sense because you are restructuring a whole society from your individualistic seat. And please you start to sound like Michael Jackson by calling everything you don’t get as ignorant.

17 Jul 2011

Okay let me first start off by saying I wasn't planning on continuing this any further; like I said, I'm not going to be able to change your mind so why waste my time. But I will point out that all of the illegal marriage practices you mentioned involved CONSENTING ADULTS and they hurt no one (well except the last, their children wouldn't be okay but who says they're having children) therefore I would never try to stop any of those situations. I'm fine with an orgy marriage' even though I must admit I've never heard of such a thing, and I've never seen the problem with polygamy as long as it's consensual and between adults. Again the last situation becomes tricking because even though they both consent any children they have will be in some way deformed or mentally/developmentally retarded.
Now that I would like to remind you that I know you're never going to agree with me and I simply don't care. If you respond to this please think about what you say before you do; I simply can't stand ignorance. (Not a strawman attack I only said the arguments are ignorant)

16 Jul 2011

that's what i'm talking about, an old fashion socratic argument

16 Jul 2011

"Strawman argument" jusy found a new champion. Don't feed the trolls.

16 Jul 2011

i'm just a sociologist, i'm not saying don't change society, i'm saying, when you do, becareful about what you are doing, many other things will change too.

16 Jul 2011

what if a father wants to marry his adult daughter, and she agrees, why do you stand in the face of freedom?

16 Jul 2011

how about an orgy marriage? 5 adult straight males want to marry 5 adult straight women, without specifying which one for which, should courts allow it, and call it marriage? why don't you allow the Jewish, sometimes Christian, Muslim polygamy?

11 Jul 2011

Wow. Just wow.
I know you know what I meant so I'm not going to explain myself to you. I can see that you are very very close minded and there is no way I can change that. I hope one day you'll be able to see past your own prejudices.

11 Jul 2011

freedom to be a pedophile?! well, i'm not really sure what we should do about that!

11 Jul 2011

You are free, to do and say anything that does not hurt anyone else. I proud of the fact that you and I and the rest of the free world can enjoy those rights. I don't like what you're say but I would never try to take away your right to say it. Why are you going to do that to others? Why should you, or anyone for that matter, have the right to take away their freedoms?

11 Jul 2011

I’m free, wither you like it or not, i think gays don't make sense with their weird actions, but to call their weird actions marriage is complete pure crap. but i like the beauty and the passion of the paininting.

11 Jul 2011

You are no longer making any sense at all. There is a HUGE difference between allowing two consenting adults to get married and pedophilia. The fact that you are comparing the two shows me how bigoted and closed-minded you are.

Having an open mind doesn't mean I would ever wish to allow child rape of any kind! How dare you even ask something like that. These are two totally different issues. This cartoon (and the entire debate) is about CONSENTING ADULTS GETTING MARRIED. You say that they shouldn't be allowed to because the next step is pedophilia? That is outrageous! Respond to this when you're ready to address the issue, not just spew bigoted ignorance online.

11 Jul 2011

No, you said it’s a changing world, now gays tomorrow pedophiles, why do you stand against their right of being disgusting idiots, why do you deny children right of having sex, why do you stand against cultures allowing infant molestation, why wouldn’t you have sex with your little son or daughter, all I’m saying is that whenever you “open” your mind without some simple old fashion Aristotelian logic or some common sense, your mind will blow up. Just because secret free Masonic societies ruling the falling civilization of the west support gay’s orientation, doesn’t mean I have to be brainwashed by lady gaga.

11 Jul 2011

Did you just say that two consenting adults falling in love and getting married is just as bad as child molestation?

11 Jul 2011

it's a purely linguistic issue, language is supposed to encourage understanding not to confuse meanings. but i really don't care, i found it unethical, unresonable, like crazy muslem scholars allowing marrying infants and touching them. gays are as unresonable.

10 Jul 2011


Okay, I don't want to argue over the meaning of marriage because we could all find something different. What I o want to know is why? Why can't the meaning of that word be changed? Everything changes all of the time why can't marriage?

08 Jul 2011

why do you want to change the meaning of marriage, why don't gay people get "snoozeled" instead of getting married! let's call it snoozeling!

28 Mar 2011

yusefghanima :i don't get it, why would unreligous people, gays, want a religious thing, marriage!

Well, #1, who said that gay people aren't religious? I know religious gay people. #2, it's not about marriage being a religious thing it's about having equal rights for everyone. I'm Atheist, I don't believe in marriage and I don't want to get married but I want the right to be able to get married if I so choose. I don't see why everyone in the world, religious or not, can get married but gay people, religious or not, cannot.

27 Mar 2011

i don't get it, why would unreligous people, gays, want a religious thing, marriage!

17 Mar 2011

Genial!!! como siempre!!!

23 Feb 2011

Hello Christina, Thanks for your kind comment...
I see I´m late with this reply... well, definitely Dan Carino will make a great cartoon, I like a lot his style and it will be very appropriate to your idea! I´ll be watching the pitches and probably I´ll work on one of yours. Thanks!.

21 Feb 2011

im sorry i didn't post the link in my comment but here it is

18 Feb 2011

hi, i really like the way you make your cartoons and i would like to ask you something. can you make a sketch of i pitch that i've made please:(. It's for a schoolproject and we have to make pitches and then ask cartoonists to perfectionize our pitch. So if it won't bother you, can you then make a cartoon of a pitch that i've made?

thanks for reading,


18 Feb 2011

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