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Bolivian Family Income

Bolivian Family Income

In many Bolivian families, child labor is essential for the survival.

01 Oct 2010


Hello Mr Cardelli, for school I have to do an interactive oral in which I would like to present your cartoon, because I like it so much. The main focus for this assigment is: BIAS. I have to explain in which way your cartoon is biased, as everything in media is biased according to what we are learning now. I'm very interested in your opinion about bias and what biased ideas you had when you made this cartoon. I hope you can give me an answer soon, thank you very much, Annabel

28 May 2011

Yes, the smiles are staggering. But justifying that child labor in some cases like this in Bolivia, it is necessary for the survival of the family.The children smile because they are not slaves (as in other parts of the world where they are exploited), but they live in a reality where everyone is poor.

03 Mar 2011

I like this comic as well, but I also question what the meaning is of the smiles. If we look at the family income, we wouldn't expect a smile on all the members of the family. Could you give me an answer to that? Thank you!

03 Mar 2011

Love this comic... are the smiles supposed to make it so disconcerting?

15 Dec 2010

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