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Being an Immigrant in Arizona

Being an Immigrant in Arizona

Cartoon about the hard times that the immigrants in Arizona are facing because of new laws concerning migrants. Click here for more cartoons on migration and refuge.

30 Aug 2010


Your english is very good, I understand your point of view, very important to me.

15 Apr 2012

I studied English for a new
I hope to describe correctly

15 Apr 2012

makes it obvious to other people
placing the end of everything
anger, curiosity, .......
weapon at the end of
I always make the other
banned all identity
more specific and mirror
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identities are highlighted to me
but very few who know me
Do I not deserve to be recognized

15 Apr 2012

Thanks John Q Citizen, I want to say that my country Costa Rica, has the same problem of inmigration that your country has, but I have learned to be tolerant.

16 Feb 2011

Thanks Laura, for your sensibility about this topic.

16 Feb 2011

Everyone deserves a chance to live and have better life. A chance to work and write, a chance to expres your self . I had an idea for a cartoon my self too. We had this project at school and i spend lot of the time thinking about it. It`s really interesting.One week ago I went to Croatian Ambasade and I saw a lot of people, poor people, one of them lost his passport and money and had no where to go. He wasn`t looking so well so they kind of ignored him...They just didn`t wanted to help him. It was sad to see. Other people who looked nice and had expensive clothes were helped in a minut. I think this isn`t fair. Everyone deserves the same, no matter how he looks like or is he rich or poor. You can compair this with situation between poor and rich countries.
I would like to make a cartoon about this, to show people that we are all the same, no matter how we look or how much money we have.

16 Feb 2011

I'm all for migrants and people who want a better concern is that they are not citizens. If they were to become citizens, then it would be great! If they were paying taxes and contributing to the betterment of our Nation then it would be awesome! But they are NOT! They are draining our healthcare & welfare system by becoming deadbeat dads & not paying hospital bills. They are not learning English, but fragmenting our Nation with spanish-speaking-only communities.....the current wave of immigrants (from Mexico & Somalia) are unlike any other in U.S. history....they are hurting and destroying instead of helping & building.

15 Dec 2010

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