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25 Oct 2012

Subroom: Blame the Recession


hahaha! good one

31 Oct 2012


26 Oct 2012

One tragic crisis... but good cartoon !

26 Oct 2012

I agree with Sophia: very original perspective ...
In this respect, I recall an old Italian pop song that said "Chi non Lavora, non fa l'amore" ("who does not work, does not make love") (I forget which was the theme of the tune) but it is true that lack of resources and employment, impact love life ...
regards ...

26 Oct 2012

hehehehe... I thoght the couple in the bed, or the guy looking at "his best friend" have already benn done in one way or another...

25 Oct 2012

hahaha! Original perspective!

25 Oct 2012

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