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11 years since 9/11

09 Sep 2012


Don't bust mine. But rather speak with respect. And explain how WTC7 came down at freefall speed into its footprint. For example ? Thank you

14 Sep 2012

Well... you are free to believe whatever crazy thing you like! You are also free to voice your views... as am I! So do not bust my chops, will ya?

14 Sep 2012

Only as serious as all the technical evidence. All 3 WTC towers (including WTC7) were brought down at quasi-freefall speed through the path of most resistance, into their own footprints : this can only be achieved through controlled demolition. These are facts, not theories or hypotheses. Such controlled demolitions can only be carried out through the participation of some members at the highest level of US government. I understand that it's difficult for those who haven't carefully studied all the facts to accept such realities, and how hard it is for many who have studied the facts to accept it psychologically. Then there are a third category who know it was an inside job and spend their time trying to thrash the 911 truth movement by any means possible.

Have a nice world view, and a nice day.

13 Sep 2012

"inside job"??? you are not serious!...

13 Sep 2012

It was a controlled demolition, an inside job. Why doesn't your "cartoon" deal with this reality ?

13 Sep 2012

I know that the whole area was devostated that terrible day, but the twin towers have become the iconic symbol of that attack both in the US and worldwide...
Also I couldn't have done the 11 graphic trick otherwise! ;-P

13 Sep 2012

There were 3 towers that came down on 911 2001... why have you left out WTC7 ?

It's a 47 storey high-rise that would be the highest building in 33 states of the USA). It disappeared into its footprint in 6.5 seconds that same afternoon. The first 100 metres was a spontaneous freefall, and then the complete building came down symmetrically through the path of most resistance, like the "twin towers". NIST says this was caused by office fires. EVERYBODY knows this is impossible without controlled demolition.

12 Sep 2012

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