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Religion and Humor

Religion and Humor

The role of humor in various religions. Click here for more cartoons about religion.

21 Aug 2012


I am Muslim and we do laugh & Criticize our Faith.....Yes there are some ignorant around and in us but i believe they are not more than 10%.It is just that they speak louder.

This reply is from Pakistan :p

14 Sep 2014

I don't mean to be polemic, but for my little experience I have to agree with Steve. I got many muslim friends working as cartoonists in argelia, tunisia, etc. all of them threaten to death at least once.they simply risk their lifes.I imagine the threaten come from small groups of salafists who cannot (or shouldn't) represent the islamic spirit, but is true that in many muslim countries the culture of self-irony and satire related to religion is a bigger taboo compared to other countries. then again, I'm sure you can find a lot of catholics, hinduist or jewish with the same intollerance in their own places.but this intollerance or incompatibility between jokes and the coran is a fact.
nice one Steve, I remember to have seen this cartoon last year around here. congrats

21 Aug 2012

Islam deserves a bigger book... as big as other "revelation books"... I believe muslims laught at Islam as much as others... :D

Great Steve. :)

21 Aug 2012

Oh... that book can be a LOT fatter!

01 Jul 2011

PLZ, SIR just tell me how much u know about Islam to draw that?????

27 Jan 2011

Steve how many Muslims do you personally know?

21 Dec 2010

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