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The Republican Party

The Republican Party

A cartoon about the Republican party in the United States. Tjeerd Royaards: 'Republicans equal religion & unbridled capitalism.' This cartoon is available as a t-shirt design in our webshop.

27 Sep 2012


It's a nicely done image. haha but I want the elephant back.

I'm trying to think of something in my life, or any situation in business, or anything in anyone's life that I know, that has gotten better in the last 3-4 years. Not one thing has improved for me or my family or neighbors. Things are quite a bit worse now as 2012 comes to a close. I know of many people that have been laid off and several businesses that have closed recently and It can't be blamed on the 'global' economics. An amazingly incompetent performance from 2009-2012 can't be blamed on things that were done before 2009.

I doubt republicans will force anyone to go to church. They also do not want to charge people money for going to church. They will encourage business to grow freely. That is what they like because it benefits the stock market. They don't care what I believe. In their eyes, I can go to any place of worship, or to none, and if they form an opinion about the destination of my soul, they at least leave me alone to pursue it either way, or to ignore it, or to not even believe in it.

04 Nov 2012

Hadn't seen this one before... nice job.

27 Sep 2012

In Europe the religion and capitalism also walk together in everyplace, and doesn't work well... Please american friends, dont make the same mistakes. Great work Tjeerd

27 Sep 2012

Love it!

01 Sep 2012

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