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Hold Your Nose!

Pitch Hold Your Nose!

I first heard the lame Liberal rationale for voting against their interests -- "holding my nose" -- during the infamous election of 2000. In the years since then, my reaction to that gutless cop-out has gone from outrage to annoyance to amusement. In every instance, my question has always been the same: how much longer will you sit still for the Democratic Party's abuse? What will you do when the stench gets so bad that holding your nose doesn't work? Full-size version:

20 Jun 2012


Like it.

22 Jun 2012

First of all Mike let me compliment you on this excellent art reminiscent of the most lively and dynamic US cartoons and posters of the 60s and 70s! Excellent! Well done! More, please...
More the reason why its message should be read loud and clearly by everybody!...
Perhaps one idea is to split it in two... part I and part II?...
Anyhow, you get my vote (without holding my nose!)

21 Jun 2012

Well, most of my work is done to fit an 11x17 tabloid-size poster and is done as single panels, so that even cartoons done to fit a large format still read properly when reproduced small.

This one's a bit unusual as it's a mutli-panel comic strip with blocks of hand-lettered dialogue; when laid out to fit an 11x17 page, it ends up being not quite readable at a smaller size. The 72dpi reduced-size in-line version at my blog is still rather large at 650x1360 pixels, and that was about as small as I could get it and still have it readable, though it'd still be a bit large for newsroom pages at CM. This is why I included a link to the full-size version, so that people can read it properly.

Because of the size of the panels and the height of the largest block of text, even a landscape-format layout of this strip would still be a bit too small.

20 Jun 2012

Unfortunately, the site is geared towards landscape composition cartoons, and height is limited to 560 pixels (otherwise the homepage slideshow wouldn't work properly).

20 Jun 2012

why not have a proper resolution image here?

20 Jun 2012

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