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Baron von Trümphausen

Pitch Baron von Trümphausen

Lying and boasting.... that's what the baron is known for.

21 May 2020


You want science guys?
Here is science from 2005, NIH, Fauci's department.

NIH, Fauci's department... Now Fauci says it doesn't work. The recent study wasn't done properly, using HCQ on late stage and without zinc.. Either way Fauci lies.

It has to be taken as a profilactic or early on with zinc.

get out of your bubbles.

22 May 2020

Dear cirecire obviously we live in quite a different bubble. In my bubble it is strongly recommended NOT to use HCQ. No scientific proof that it works and the side effects are considered to be very dangerous. Even FOX news, normally a big applause machine for the stable genius , warns not to take the drug.......

22 May 2020

Good one.

22 May 2020

Lol !! Super, Jean !! :D

21 May 2020

Where is the lie if HCQ works?

French top virologist used it and concluded it works in February.
NY CV19 treatment unit has treated over 1000 CV19 cases since March with it combined with other drugs. Full recoveries in hours, less than 10% mild side effects.
75% of the US doctors confronted with the problem are using it.

21 May 2020

Hahahahaha, really good!

21 May 2020

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