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Tough Decisions at Tesla

Pitch Tough Decisions at Tesla

So... after a week or two of stomping his little feet and threatening to hold his breath until he turned blue, spoiled rotten rich punk Elon Musk re-opened his Tesla plant in California in defiance of that state's "stay-at-home" order, because he couldn't stand to lose a penny of profit on his overpriced electric hot rods.

Subsequently, this past Tuesday, Sputnik International published this report on the situation headlined Tesla Workers Faced With "Tough Decisions as Elon Musk Re-Opens California Factory"...

13 May 2020


let's see how it goes before judging him
Musk is not afraid of losing money man, when he loses money, it's not his

total obedience to insane power hungry abusers can only be worse

13 May 2020

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