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Joe's Townhall With Hillary

Pitch Joe's Townhall With Hillary

In the middle of a sex abuse scandal (more credible than the Kavanaugh case)... Hillary endorses Joe.

No word on Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations against Joe. _ Hillary is known for going after women Bill abused. _ She has an entourage of known abusers: Bill, Weiner, Weinstein, Epstein, etc. _ But she calls herself a feminist and riles against mysogyny.

Sleepy Joe would be a better president, a real one. _ The virus is a great opportunity for their agenda.

Joe snoozes during their boring chat...

05 May 2020



06 May 2020

Thanks mate, I'm just stating Hillary quotes and er... Joe's monologue

05 May 2020

Excellent caricatures and brave cartooning. Well done

05 May 2020

muchas gracias Antonio

05 May 2020

Great one, and I agree with you dear NEMO !

05 May 2020


05 May 2020

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