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So, they came right out and said it — "We are flying blind". In the USA, as of this cartoon, they've tested 11,000 people, a bunch of which are members of a professional basketball team.

In China, they built a hospital in six days to deal with COVID19. SIX DAYS. In the USA, we're lucky to have tested 11,000 people NATIONWIDE; meanwhile, in Korea, they're testing 20,000 people PER DAY.

"Flying blind", they tell us — and all they've got to offer us is "social distancing" and "jazz hands". This country doesn't have a clue how to deal with a problem if we can't BOMB it.

28 Mar 2020


The figure of 11,000 tested in the USA is via this report in the UK Independent posted March 13:

01 Apr 2020

Good one.

30 Mar 2020

Here's the link to John Hopkins RC

28 Mar 2020

Very good one Mike.
John Hopkins Coronavirus resource center is currently saying that the U.S has just over 104,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, which indicates that to determine that number at least 104,000 people would have had to be tested... so I'm not sure how that fits in with your theory that only 11,000 in the U.S have been tested in total.
Anyway, my vote.

28 Mar 2020

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