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Bloodshed in Syria

Bloodshed in Syria

This cartoon is one of the final ten selected in the Cartoon Spring Competition, a contest for young cartoonists from the Arab World. The winner will be announced June 1st during the comic festival De Stripdagen in Haarlem, the Netherlands. In the coming days, we will publish all ten finalists. To see more cartoons about Syria, visit our collection.

21 May 2012


nice cartoon mr.ramzy , and i want to ask mr.maurock do u accept that one dectateur rulling ur country more than 40 years???????

18 Aug 2012

Sadly likin' it :(

29 May 2012

Mr. Ramzy I think this cartoon is well done, but not true. In Syria they are defending themselves against international aggression.. The real criminals and bloody governments are others, UK-USA-Israel and their puppets and "slave nations".. They control the media and ordered what to do in the world.. The coalition of real rogue states against Syria. Have a nice day.. :-)

24 May 2012

Impact cartoon!

22 May 2012

Excellent cartoon Ramzy, my compliments.

21 May 2012

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