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The United States southern neighbour Mexico is a country with weak and corrupt government at all levels, no ability to enforce quarantines, and virtually no public health system.

From the standpoint of dealing with coronavirus, Mexico is the worst of all possible combinations and presents ideal conditions for the spread of the disease.

Maybe having a wall on the southern border was a good idea after all.

A cartoon from 2018.

13 Mar 2020


Good one.

14 Mar 2020

Excellent work, dear Pete. But on corruption issues, the recent federal government has waged an intense fight against corruption, with several senior officials from previous corrupt regimes, put in jail, and freezing their resources as a result of complicity with organized crime. On the other hand, my dear friend, this government has worked since January 3 on a prevention system, and so far there are very few cases in Mexico, where we are in phase 1, also thanks to the fact that this phenomenon came only until recently. In fact, the WHO representative made a positive recognition of the strategy to the health system. A big hug, dear Pete, but I thought it appropriate to give you this information and my impression on it. However, your work is outstanding, as usual.

14 Mar 2020


13 Mar 2020

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