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Drug trafficking and elections

Pitch Drug trafficking and elections

drug trafficking and violence are present in the election campaign in Mexico

17 May 2012

Subroom: Elections in Mexico


Muchas gracias Dario!!!, gracias tambien Arcadio!! Thanks Kinoptika!!!

23 May 2012

Muy buen trabajo mi hermano!

23 May 2012

Fuerte y en el punto! Muy buena, Martirena.

18 May 2012

Unfortunately this link is just in Spanish, but hopefully those who speak the language will capitalize from it and come out with some good cartoons.

The information is from Carmen Aristegui a journalist who's been blacklisted by the Mexican government and attacked by the "Duopoly" of the Televisa and TV Azteca as well as all major news sources owned by the rich (who have politicians in their pockets).

My intention is for you to know about this and not to spam anyone. Please give the piece a chance

Best wishes


Generales Acusados Vinculos Con El Narco, Tomas Ángeles Dauahare Vinculado A Peña Nieto (MVS Radio - Carmen Aristegui)

17 May 2012

Muchas gracias, Quel !!

17 May 2012


17 May 2012

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