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Economic Boom

Pitch Economic Boom

Obama was trying, again, to get credit for the US economic boom

... that happens under a new administration with a totally different strategy ditching the previous approach: agressive policies of deregulation, bringing back industries, fighting outsourcing, trade wars, renegociating unfair failed trade deals, cutting taxes, etc.


Unrelated comment (?): CENSORSHIP

This is one of my last cartoons posted before another censorship attack, all my works on my US hosting site became invisible, not searchable...

23 Feb 2020


interesting: this cartoon seems popular out there (FB likes), not here

26 Feb 2020

gracias Pedro

26 Feb 2020

Excellent NEMO

25 Feb 2020

thanks Enrico, where are the others?

25 Feb 2020

Well done.

25 Feb 2020

Thanks for your FB likes out there :)

24 Feb 2020

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