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Snowflake Hero Fired

Pitch Snowflake Hero Fired

Impeachment witness Lieutenant Colonel Vindman was fired from the White House along with is twin brother

He was known by his peer Rangers as a rations thief, reprimanded for being too cosy with Ukrainian troops mocking the US troops he's part of, bragged Ukraine corrupt officials wanted him as their Defense Minister

He leaked White House information, inaccurately, didn't follow hierarchy, was known for not accepting others judgment from his superiors as from his own president. He admitted lying in his testimony Both brothers are extremely corrupt but for the media both HEROES! FIRED!

23 Feb 2020


hey, don't insult sir lieutenant Clonel Vindman,respect our impeachment hero, his face might look like pudding but it's not fair to use that to attack his confidence... behind that pudding face, who knows, maybe he hides some more.. uhm... pudding?

26 Feb 2020

Great work NEMO. Look at his pudgy stupid face. My vote

25 Feb 2020

grazie Enrico

25 Feb 2020

Good caricature.

25 Feb 2020

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