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US Attorney General Barr meddles in cases against Trump's allies.

17 Feb 2020


Do your homework instead of pulling non-sense accusations
You're the one pushing for political imprisonment (soviet style, not russian,you don't even know the difference).

You need more?
- Similiar cases recieved anywhere from 2 months to 2 yrs max.
- Plus they have now found jury foreman LIED to the judge in initial interviews saying she didn't know who Stone was.

Do your homework.

18 Feb 2020

Hmm...this comment makes me wonder....a sneaking suspicion that Russian Trolls have infiltrated Cartoon Movement.

18 Feb 2020

I suggest you review the case, do your homework.
Timing: the decision was taken before Trump tweets.

McCabe not only admitted lying 4 times for the FBI, interesting for a FBI Deputy, but he signed a deal with CNN and is free like a bird.
Comey committed perjury under oath at least twice, leaked confidential info, etc, free to sign book deals.
Brennan committed perjuy under oath, bitches and whines on MSNBC.
Clapper committed perjury under oath, works at CNN.

All involved in spying Trump campaign using an unverified dossier, many call it a soft coup.

But Stone, with a clean criminal record, needs 29 armed men taking him by force when he voluntary testifies, and should do up to 9 years for lying once to the FBI in an entappment scheme for a non-sense story?

The judge was appointed by Obama. The jury was 2/3 Dems. The procurors were linked to Mueller.
A total hit job, purely political.

Yeah, not partisan at all, totally reasonable

17 Feb 2020

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