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Up, Up and Away

Pitch Up, Up and Away

The popular Mexican beer Corona is not in any way connected to the deadly coronavirus ballooning out across the globe but Google search terms tend to disagree.

Since the virus became widely known in January online searches for the phrase " beer coronavirus" surged over 3,200% globally while "corona beer virus" rocketed 2,300%.


15 Feb 2020



17 Feb 2020

real fake news

interesting promo baloon, punk looking

15 Feb 2020

Yes I remember your AOC corona cartoon from a few weeks ago, very good. Thanks NEMO.

15 Feb 2020

hey, stop making fun of them

i didn't know enough to make a cartoon on coronavirus, but i wanted to pitch omething about it anyway
so i used what came to mind first, that beer with such an unatural flashy yellow color
little did i know then that so many in the world were on the same wave

15 Feb 2020

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