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14 Feb 2020


i'm glad you don't take me informing you the wrong way as others did here
congrats for that Bart

14 Feb 2020

It's a hard judgment call to decide from which angle I reflect on current events. I am not that deep into American politics. But I try to view the news as objective as I can.

Even though I don’t respond much, I really appreciate your informative contributions. I take every word into account.

14 Feb 2020

please LOOK into Roger's trial, not tv fake reports, it's a political trial (Obama apointed judge, 2/3 dems jury), not justice

3-9 years for lying to FBI? rapists get less time.

If Andrew McCabe (FBI Deputy) isn't charged with a crime after ADMITTING to lying to the FBI 4 times, then Roger Stone and Gen. Flynn (the FBI interviewers even noted they didn't believe he lied, Mueller decided he did) should not have to face jail time.

Brennan (CIA), Clapper (DNI), Comey (FBI) commited perjury under oath, but are free to go around signing book deals, or TV deals with CNN or MSNBC.

14 Feb 2020

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