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Jussie Fake Noose Hate Crime

Pitch Jussie Fake Noose Hate Crime

Actor Jussie Smollett indicted for staging a hate crime attack on himself, 11 months after those charges were dropped.

6 investigators and more at some time were investigating his stunt taking ressources away from real crimes in Chicago, where dozens of shootings occur regularly each weekend.

Congrats "Bro" you're a real actor even in real life. REPOST from April 2019, the evidence showed it was a hoax.

12 Feb 2020


Really good.

14 Feb 2020

Thanks Noor

I said "I wonder why... No I don't.", haha
I knew it then.
The media won't admit how wrong they were and why,
i doubt the coverage now will reach the same levels, huh?

13 Feb 2020

You wonder why? Ha! So many reasons, all of them stinky.

13 Feb 2020

The evidence presented by the police showed clearly it was a hoax by Jussie himself.
This cartoonist saw it.

But the media kept spinning his fake noose story. Shocking.
I wonder why... No I don't.

13 Feb 2020

You really capture his smart eyes there

13 Feb 2020

thanks Shahid and Pete

13 Feb 2020


13 Feb 2020


13 Feb 2020

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