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The Snake in the Grass is Mahmoud Abbas

Pitch The Snake in the Grass is Mahmoud Abbas

IF my 2017 cartoon criticizing Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas caught the attention of the Palestine Liberation Organization and they called for my firing I would expect colleagues to rise up in defence of freedom of expression.

I don't necessarily have to agree with a cartoonists views, nor do they have to agree with mine, but I stand with Vasco Gargalo for this reason:

the right to express my opinion as a cartoonist without fear of retribution.

07 Feb 2020


That's interesting Emad. But why kill cartoonists anyway? They don't have money or power.

13 Feb 2020

Good one.

12 Feb 2020

Great !

09 Feb 2020

Well done and I agree, Pete !! and your work is Great !!

09 Feb 2020

I agree with Areziq , & I will add that the great Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al Ali was killed by a double agent who worked for both sides PLO & Israeli Mosad , both of them give the order to kill the annoying cartoonist , both sides hated cartoons dear Pete , & Every cartoonists deserves support yes .

09 Feb 2020

Mahmoud Abbas is just a slave of Israel

08 Feb 2020

Thumbs up

08 Feb 2020

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