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Impeachment failed because it was an unfair political attack

-Schiff coordinated with the whistleblower

-No due process: in a REAL TRIAL the accused faces their accusers, but they said “NO we don’t know who that is”

-The House had a duty to “prove him guilty” & call witnesses. They produced 17 Dem witnesses with biased opinions & no evidence

Sondland, the only direct witness admited "the president said I want no quid pro quo"

-The Senate’s job is not to investigate further but to vote on the facts presented by the House

The crime:

06 Feb 2020


yes Mao, literally, haha

08 Feb 2020

Excellent - you hit the 'nail' on the head!

08 Feb 2020

gracias compadre

06 Feb 2020

Excellent work, querido NEMO !! ;)

06 Feb 2020

grazie amico

06 Feb 2020

Good one.

06 Feb 2020

thanks Pete

06 Feb 2020

Very good cartoon NEMO, my vote

06 Feb 2020

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